74829 What do dreams about carry mean?

What do dreams about carry mean?

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What do dreams about carry mean?

* May represent a huge burden I am responsible for in waking life.
* May suggest someone is carrying a burden for me.
* May suggest needing to take something from one place to another.
* May symbolize pregnancy.

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Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes:

* Carried away. (Very emotional and/or enthusiastic.)
* Carry a torch. (Love someone secretly that does not return the love.)
* Carry the ball. (To be in charge.)
* Carry the day. (To be successful.)
* Carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. (To feel burdened by the whole world’s problems.)

Questions to ask yourself:

* What is being carried, and by whom?
* How heavy is it?
* Is there an easier way to carry it or move it forward?
* Do I know someone named Cary/Carrie?

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