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What do dreams about driver mean?

What do dreams about driver mean?

* Dreams about driving may represent how much control you have over where you are going in life and how fast you get there.
* May represent taking responsibility for your actions.
* Dreams about driving off a cliff, driving off a bridge, driving and crashing, speeding and/or losing control of the vehicle may represent the bad decisions you are making or being irresponsible in your actions. May be warning you that you are being reckless in at least one aspect of life, or when you are driving in waking life.

Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes:

* In the driver’s seat (to be in control).
* What are you driving at? (What are you implying?)
* Drive a hard bargain (negotiate well in your favor).
* Backseat driver (giving directions without authority or without a clear vision),
* Sunday driver (someone who drives only occasionally and usually very slowly).
* Designated driver (the one responsible for driving when other’s are drinking).
* Drive a wedge between two people (do something to spoil their relationship).
* Drive someone crazy (to annoy or irritate someone).

Questions to ask yourself:

* Am I in the driver’s seat?
* Am I in control of the car?
* Do I know where I am going and how to get there?

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Category: Dreams Dictionary

What do dreams about driver mean?

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