75575 What do dreams about garden mean?

What do dreams about garden mean?

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What do dreams about garden mean?

* A garden in full bloom may represent a healthy psyche and growth of the soul.
* May symbolize growing food and nourishment for all the parts of yourself.
* A sparse or weed infested garden may suggest an issue needs to be tended to.

Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes:

* I never promised you a rose garden. (I never made promises I couldn’t keep.)
* Growth. (Spiritual, intellectual, emotional, or physical.)
* Tending the garden. (Helping it grow.)
* Weeding the garden. (Pulling out the bad stuff.)
* A connection to earth. (Gardening, grounding.)
* Pruning. (Cutting back some parts to make room, so other parts can grow.)

Questions to ask yourself:

* What is the condition of the garden and how does that compare to my waking life?
* What is growing the garden?
* What aspects of my waking life could benefit from getting pruned back or weeded?

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