What dream Stork, Allergy, Acrobat, Acacia ……..
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What dream Stork, Allergy, Acrobat, Acacia ……..

What dream Stork, Allergy, Acrobat, Acacia ……..


Allergy symbolizes the rejection of the situation. If you dreamed that you had an allergic reaction to something non-material (for example, to communicate with any person or to any book or program, etc.), then you should be more restrained in expressing your attitude towards activities of other people.


You dreamed that someone from your family became an alcoholic, then you should be prepared for the fact that someone will be in trouble. If you have to communicate with an alcoholic in a dream, then in reality your kindness often causes your problems. Do not do good – there will be no evil.


To see a midwife in a dream is a foreknowledge of a serious illness that threatens your life. For a young woman such a dream portends slander and suffering.


The shark symbolizes formidable enemies. If you dream that a shark is chasing or attacking you, then such a dream means coming disasters and cataclysms. If in your dream sharks frolic in clear clear water, then you run the risk of losing success against the opposite sex because of the gossip of envious persons. Seeing a dead shark – to recovering costs and returning happy days.


You dreamed of a beautiful actress, then you are ready for all the joys and pleasures that you can wish for. If in a dream you see an actor in trouble, then in reality you will do your best to help a friend who is in trouble. If in a dream you play on stage yourself, in real life you will have to work hard to ensure your existence. A dream in which you fall in love with an actor or an actress means that the talents hidden in you are destined to manifest in the near future. Seeing a troupe of stray actors means that you are facing unfavorable changes. Family dreams such a dream promises home turmoil. For a young woman to see herself as the bride of an actor means that she will fall out of the disappointment associated with the infidelity of her lover. For a man to see his beloved actress means problems with his beloved. If in a dream you observe the tragedy played on the stage, then wait for the sad events.


When you see acrobats in a dream, then your plans are not realized because of the fact that others can not believe in you. If you dreamed that you are performing acrobatic numbers, then in your life there will be some unexpected event that will affect your life.


In a dream, you hear the sounds of an accordion, then you will be invited to a fun party that will dispel your sadness and distract you from unpleasant memories. For a young woman, the dream in which she plays the accordion means that some event will help her to win the heart of a person whose marriage will be long and happy. If the accordion is false, then she will experience because of the poor state of health of a loved one.


If for a young woman a dream in which she sees a large aquarium with beautiful fish, means that she will marry a wealthy man. However, this marriage can not be called happy, since there will be no understanding between the spouses. If you see in the dream that the cat is trying to catch fish from the aquarium, but you do not drive it, then it is possible that your frivolous behavior can cause many problems for you and your loved ones. If you dreamed that you are changing the water in an aquarium, then in real life you are standing on the verge of change.


You dreamed that you see a piece of land along the perimeter of which are planted acacia bushes, in real life you are striving to draw a clear line between your personal life and business relationships. To see the blossoming acacia means that you will be comprehended by deep and pure love, which, however, will not bring happiness. If you are pricked with acacia spines in a dream, then you should not trust anyone.


To see a stork in a dream is a favorable sign. Such a dream promises the joy of family life and success at work.

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