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What dream thief, Raven, Louse, Vulcan Shot ……….

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What dream thief, Raven, Louse, Vulcan Shot ……….


You dreamed that you were stealing something and are now chasing you, then be ready for a change for the worse. The dream in which you pursue a thief promises victory over the enemies. If you dreamed a thief-pickpocket, then in reality you will be pursued by minor hardships. For a young woman, the dream in which she was robbed means that she risks causing somebody’s discontent and incurring trouble. If she steals, then she should pay attention to her behavior, which is not always correct.


You see sparrows, then you will be surrounded by the attention and love of your loved ones. Also, you can make your home cozy not only for the household, but also for the guests. The dream in which you see a sick sparrow is unfavorable, as it portends a sad mood.


To see a crow is a sign of failure and grief. Hearing crow’s croaking means that, yielding to the influence of others, you are unwise to dispose of your property. For a young man, such a dream means that in real life he will succumb to the tricks and tricks of treacherous women. To dream of an old raven – to the abrupt changes in destiny. For a young woman, such a dream means that her lover leaves her.


You pass through any gate, then in real life you will soon receive alarming news about people who are now far away. Your personal affairs will also not develop according to the planned scenario. Closing the gate – to successful undertakings and devoted friends. To see in a dream a gate closed by someone means that you are not able to overcome the difficulties that have arisen. Broken gates usually portend failure and questionable acquaintances.

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Louse, in a dream, predicts that you will have to worry about your health, and enemies will spoil you with a lot of nerves. If you see a lot of lice in a dream, then be ready for troubles, failures and illnesses. If you find lice among livestock, then you will have a hungry year. To catch a louse – to illness.


If the doctor did not take money from you for treatment, then such a dream promises health and prosperity. For a young girl, the dream in which she marries a doctor, heralds deception. If you dream that the doctor is trying to make an incision on your skin, but he can not do it, then beware of the trouble with money. For a young woman to dream of a doctor – means that she will sacrifice her beauty for the sake of frivolous entertainment. If a girl dreams that she is sick and the doctor is worried about her condition, then she is expected to lose. If the doctor is calm, then her health will soon recover.


To see the rider is a favorable sign. For a young woman, a dream in which she sees a rider on a white horse means that she is still waiting for her prince. Unfortunately, not all fairy tales are realized in life. If in a dream you see that the rider approaching you is your lover, then in real life your jealous moods are absolutely groundless.


You see a volcano, then you risk becoming a participant in a loud scandal, which will pretty much wet your business reputation. For a young woman, a dream in which she sees a volcano means that she should moderate her self-interest and selfishness, otherwise she can get into an unpleasant situation.

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If you dreamed that you are hosting an exhibition of your works, then you will not appreciate your achievements in real life. If in a dream you go through an exhibition of cultural values, then in reality you will enjoy intellectual entertainment. Attending an exhibition of the achievements of science and technology means that you are in constant creative search. Anxious dream in which you aspire to provide and have time all, as you are the organizer of the exhibition, is a reflection of the activity that you do in reality. You simply need rest or at least a breather.


You heard a shot, then beware of adversity and turmoil in family life, which can provoke your selfishness. Negligence in business will not slow to manifest. A shot made from a pistol means you are trying to avenge the evil done to you. A cannon shot portends problems at work. To be killed by a cannon shot means that you have to communicate with annoying evil people. For a woman, a dream about cannon firing can mean that by her temper she will deserve the glory of a grumpy and uncomfortable person.


For a woman, the dream in which she is embroidering means that her tactfulness and ability to deal with the problems that arise in her path will cause general admiration. For a married man, the embroidery seen in a dream promises the addition of a family. For an unmarried – a wise and economical spouse.


For a woman, the dream in which she knits something promises her quiet family joys. For a girl, such a dream can herald a hasty marriage. If you dreamed that you work in a knitting shop, then in reality you can achieve prosperity only through hard work.

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