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What dreams about Toad, Thirst, Pearl, Groom ……

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What dreams about Toad, Thirst, Pearl, Groom ……


To see a toad is an unfavorable sign. You may have to go on an undesirable trip. For a woman, such a dream means that all sorts of rumors will spread around her. If you kill a toad in a dream, then your actions will be criticized. If you dreamed that you covered a toad with your hand or just took it in your hands, then in reality you can become, unwittingly, the cause of your friend’s problems.


You see skylarks flying in the sky, then you are inclined to set high goals before you, the achievement of which will advance you along the path of self-improvement. Listening to the song of the lark means that you will be very happy in the new house, and the business will be successful. To kill a lark means that by your antics you will infuriate an innocent person. If in a dream you see how the lark falls swiftly to the ground while continuing to sing, then in real life you will fall into melancholy, not seeing the way out of the situation. Catching a lark and putting it in a cage means that you will quickly conquer someone’s love. A wounded or dead lark predicts sadness or death. If you dreamed that larks are flying toward you, then in reality, fate will surely smile at you. Sleep, in which larks peck seeds, predicts a plentiful harvest.

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If you are thirsty, then in reality you are striving for an unattainable goal. However, if you managed to quench your thirst, then in reality you will get what you so passionately desired. If you dreamed that you see people eagerly drinking water, then waking you will help support the influential people.


Heat is an unfavorable sign. If in a dream you are exhausted from the heat, then your plans do not come true because of the betrayal of people who pretend to be your friends.


If you inhale the fragrance of jasmine, then in real life you will feel an irresistible desire to throw off the burden of accumulated problems and just live for your own pleasure. It is possible that you will succeed. A dream is favorable, in which you see a blossoming bush of jasmine, as it promises success in business and well-being in family life. A dried up bush or withered jasmine flowers portend losses and disappointments.


Pearls – to success in business, commerce and social activities. For a young woman to see in a dream that her lover gives her pearls, it means that her luck awaits her in reality. Her husband will be a worthy wealthy person, able to fill her life with happiness. If a young woman dreamed that the pearl was scattered or she lost it, then she should be ready for disappointment and loss. Admire the beauty of pearls – to pure love.

The groom

For a young woman, a dream in which she sees her groom in an untidy state means that one of them is threatened by a serious illness. It is necessary to change the way of life so that you do not have to regret it later. If in a dream a married man sees himself as a bridegroom, then in reality he will have to make an important decision, on which the future existence of his family will largely depend. If the girl dreamed that she was looking for her fiance among many young people very similar to her chosen one, then in real life she would face the problem of choice.

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If you argue with a woman, then in real life someone tries to outsmart you or confuse you. The blonde is dreaming of luck in business and is the symbol of the right path. Brunettes (especially snub-nosed and blue-eyed) mean that you may have to abandon your plans when you are halfway to success. Women with chestnut and red hair predict an approaching anxiety. A brown-eyed woman with a Roman nose can mean that you will be involved in a risky venture.


You see flying to the north cranes, then in reality your chances of success are small. Women dream of such disappointment. If the cranes fly to the south, this heralds the joy of meeting friends. In love, such a dream promises fidelity. Seeing how the cranes descend to the ground, means that you are able to control the events.


If you flip through the fashion magazine, then you will have a pleasant pastime. If you dreamed that you are filling out a registration log, you will have a painstaking work that will not be appreciated by anyone. The dream in which you correct the assessment in the school journal means that you will be offered to participate in some doubtful business.

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