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What dreams do Drought, Earth, Mirror, Snake, Gold ……..

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What dreams do Drought, Earth, Mirror, Snake, Gold ……..


The drought seen in a dream is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream portends international conflicts and bloody wars. There are shipwrecks and disasters, family quarrels and divorces, illnesses and accidents.


If you see an eclipse of the sun, then you are set for failures in business and family troubles. To see the eclipse of the moon is to illness.


You dreamed that you see a rabbit running away from you, then in real life you risk losing something that has special value for you. And it will happen under strange circumstances. If you manage to catch a hare, then you will surely smile good luck. A dream in which you could tame a hare means that in real life you will have a loyal but dull partner. A dead hare in a dream portends that you will lose a friend, and your life will become boring and joyless. If the hare is hunted by hunting dogs, then be ready for quarrels and disagreements with friends and family. If you yourself have shot a rabbit, then you will have to apply tough measures, defending the rightness of your interests and views.


You observe a stargazing, in real life you have retained a romantic perception of the world, which sometimes helps you survive in difficult situations. If you dream that you did not have time to make a wish while the star was falling, then you should be prepared for the fact that all your achievements will be given to you by painstaking work. However, no one dares to call you a loser.


Sleep, where you hear a bell at the door, symbolizes any news. If in a dream you are frightened by a sudden call, be careful, because your interests can be betrayed by those whom you considered to be your friends. If you dream that you make a phone call, then you will meet with friends, which will bring you disappointment. If you hear the alarm bell, however, when you wake up, you realize that this is a dream, then you just need to arrange a small vacation. Otherwise, you risk getting sick from overexertion.


If you are a witness of an earthquake in a dream, then you will experience serious tests related to global cataclysms.


A dream about a strawberry promises alluring perspectives and pleasures. You will achieve your cherished goal. There is strawberries – for mutual love. To trade strawberries – to abundant harvest and prosperity.


To see the fertile land is a sign of success; but if you dream of rocky bare soil, then sleep portends misfortunes and failures. A dream in which, at the end of the sea voyage, you see the land, promises prosperity.


If you saw yourself in the mirror, then you are expecting incredible events, but the disease can cause many troubles. To see a broken mirror is a sign of the violent death of someone close to one another. Seeing in the mirror of other people means that you can be used for personal gain. To see animals in the mirror is disappointments and failures. If a young woman in a dream broke a mirror, then in real life she is waited by an insincere friendship and unsuccessful marriage. To see in the mirror his beloved pale and tired – to misfortunes and separation, joyful and healthy – to a trifling quarrel, which will soon be forgotten.

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To see the grain is a favorable sign. This dream promises good health and happiness for many years. For a young woman, a dream in which she sees smooth beautiful grains means that she will be accompanied by luck, and on her life’s path only good people will meet.


If you dream of winter, then be afraid of deterioration of your health. In cases there may be a lull in spite of all the efforts made.


Dreams about snakes warn of evil in its various manifestations. A dream in which a young woman sees her bite a dead snake warns of the danger that awaits her from the side of a person pretending to be her friend. If you are dreaming of a wriggling snake, then you will have to contend with fate. If you dreamed that you are killing a snake, then in real life you will have to make efforts in order to defend your interests. In the near future you will see that you have defeated your enemies. If you dreamed that you have to step over the snakes, it warns you that your health is in danger, and your competitors are trying to survive you. If you dreamed that you were bitten by a snake, it will be difficult for you to resist under the influence of enemies who will try to harm you. To see in a dream how a snake wraps around you and is going to bite you, means that in real life you are facing a situation in which you will be powerless in front of your enemies.

If you dreamed that you are holding a snake in your hand, then this is a messenger of that you will manage with your generosity to defeat the enemies. A dream in which you see that instead of hair you have snakes on your head, says that you give too much importance to trifles. If you are dreaming snakes that have an unnatural shape, appearance or coloring, then such a dream symbolizes that you will come across in real life with troubles that on closer inspection will be completely insignificant. If you dreamed that you are wading a river swarming with snakes, then be careful, because where you hoped for success, you are facing problems. If you see how snakes bite other people, then it is possible that you will complicate relations with your acquaintances with your overstated requirements for them. If you dreamed a whole lot of small snakes, then you should not be too open with people, because they can take advantage of this and deceive you.

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If you dream that children play with snakes, then perhaps life will put you in a difficult situation when it will be difficult for you to determine who is your enemy and who is a friend. If in a dream a woman hears the hissing of a snake, it warns her that she will have to give up what she was entitled to count on. If you see your friend in a dream, to which the snake creeps from behind, then you will be able to save him from trouble and, maybe, even to open a plot against him. In case the snakes obey your friend, you can hope that some external force will help you avoid trouble. A dream in which a woman sees that she is hypnotized by a snake, predicts that her rights will be infringed, but with the help of faithful friends and the law she will be able to defend her interests.


If you are trying to make an acquaintance with a person who is very sympathetic to you, then you can be calm – fate itself will give you the opportunity to get to know each other. If in a dream you avoid acquaintance with an unpleasant type, then in real life you should pay special attention to your health, since old sickness can make itself felt at the most inopportune moment. For a young woman, the dream in which she meets a cute young man symbolizes her desire for new sensations and impressions.

Witch Doctor

If you see a healer, then in real life you will be alarmed by the fact that, having tried different methods, you could not cure your illness. If you dreamed that you resort to znakhar recipes, then in real life some misfortune will lead you to illness. Salvation can only become immersion in work.


If you pick up gold, you are lucky in business. If a woman dreamed that she received a gift of gold jewelry or gold money, her husband will be rich, but mercenary. The dream in which you find gold predicts that you will succeed in improving your financial situation through your abilities and efforts. Losing gold is a bad sign. You risk missing out on the most important chance in your life. If in a dream you managed to open a gold mine, then the burden of glory will come upon you. To work in gold mines means that you will try to subordinate other people to your will. However, do not bend the stick in the family, because it can result in major scandals.


If you go with an umbrella, then in reality you will have to deal with annoying troubles. If you see other people with umbrellas, then they will ask you for help. If you had to take an umbrella from someone, then it will be difficult for you to find mutual understanding with others. To give an umbrella means that you are mercilessly slandered. To lose an umbrella means that troubles will occur to a person close to you. To open a new umbrella over yourself in sunny weather means that you are destined to prosperity. To see in a dream an umbrella from the sun means that you will search for unauthorized pleasures. If the umbrella is leaking in a dream, then the affairs of your friends will cause you sincere regret.

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If you took the child to the zoo, then in real life you should think about whether you give enough time and attention to your relatives. If in a dream you wander around the zoo, then in reality you will face difficult problems.


Sleep, warns of trouble caused by communication with sick or foolish people. If you dreamed that your teeth are falling out, then perhaps a series of anxieties and troubles awaits you ahead. If your tooth removes the dentist, then this is a sign of a serious prolonged illness. If you have a tooth knocked out, then an unexpected problem lies in you, either in business or with health. A dream in which you see that all of your teeth are in order and in place means that the black band of your life will finally change into light. If you dream that you are cleaning or rinsing your teeth, then you will have to struggle zealously to defend your interests. If you are getting teeth or you use a denture, then you may have to face severe tests, which, when properly applied, you can overcome. Sleep in which you examine your teeth, warns you. Take care in business, enemies do not sleep. If, however, you admire your even white teeth, then this is a sign of satisfaction with what has been achieved.

To see rotten teeth in a dream is to trouble in business or with health caused by excessive stress. If you spit out your teeth, then the disease threatens you or your loved ones. Sleep in which you have cured teeth, and also got rid of tartar and plaque, says that you will manage to get out of the clutches of a long illness. Work at work will also go well. However, if you dream that, despite the procedures that have been performed, you again have a raid on your teeth, then you should beware of unreliable people who can ruin your life. If you dreamed that you were removed a tooth, but you can not find the empty place where it was, it means that you still decide to abandon the previously planned case. But later you secretly from others will return to him, from which you will receive vague satisfaction.

Son in law

You see a person who is represented to you by your son-in-law, then in real life you will have to learn unexpected news that will affect your future existence. If you dreamed that your son-in-law is talking to you, and even more so, if you are asking for help, then you should be prepared for the fact that one of your loved ones is in trouble. The threat of a serious illness is not ruled out.

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