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What is a dream Fence, Splinter, Registry, Castle, Sunset …….

What is a dream Fence, Splinter, Registry, Castle, Sunset …….


You climbed the fence, meaning that all your endeavors will be successful. Falling from the fence means that you will take on a business that is not capable of, and make sure in practice that all your efforts will be fruitless. Going through a hole in a fence means that you will use illegal methods to achieve your goal. If in a dream you are sitting on a fence, and the fence suddenly falls, then such a dream portends an accident. If in a dream on your way a fence meets, you break it, step over it and go further, means that you will be able to accomplish something global. A dream in which a herd of domestic animals moves over your fence through your fence, symbolizes unexpected, but much needed help. If the animals, on the contrary, run away through the fence away, then you are expected to lose in trading and other matters. If you are building a fence in a dream, then the fruits of your labor are not yet visible, but you know for sure that you are laying the foundation for future welfare. A girl like this promises success in love affairs.


Dreams about breakfast are favorable for people of intellectual work. If you dream that for breakfast you eat eggs and ripe fruit, squeezed with fresh milk, then you are expecting pleasant changes, however, somewhat hasty. If you have breakfast alone, then in real life you will fall into the network, placed by the enemies. If you have breakfast in a pleasant company, then you will meet with a loved one, whom you so expected. For a young woman, the dream in which she cooks breakfast means that she will be able to achieve the desired without much difficulty; a man such a dream promises change or forced separation from loved ones. If you dream that you are breakfasting too late or, conversely, too early, then your habits take over you.

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You dreamed that you are in another country, then in reality you should be prepared for the fact that your competitors are building insidious plans directed against you. The dream in which you are forced to leave your country, but you do not want to do it, means that you will get into a very difficult situation, but you will be able to get out of it with dignity. To rest and rejoice in foreign delights can mean that you are inclined to trust your first impression, which is far from always true, because of what often you incur losses.

Registry office

If you are watching from the side about how the registry office is registering your marriage, in real life you are not sure of the correctness of the decision you make about changing your status. The dream in which you come to the registry office as a witness at someone’s wedding, means that you do not risk starting a new business until you are absolutely sure of its reliability.


You dreamed that you are standing on the shore and watching the sunset, then in real life you will have to part with what is dear to you. However, do not despair. The emptiness formed in your soul will be filled with something, perhaps more interesting and important. If in a dream you see a fiery red sunset against the backdrop of a cityscape, then in reality you feel yourself driven into a horse, ready to collapse all of a sudden.

A prisoner

Seeing prisoners portends misfortunes and sad news. A dream in which you see yourself as a prisoner means that in reality you have a lot to worry about because of a case, but your fears will eventually prove to be groundless. For a young woman to see her lover in the clothes of a prisoner may portend doubts about the seriousness of his intentions.

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To see the castle is to confusion and misunderstanding. If in a dream the castle opens easily, you will become aware that a certain person wishes you harm. If you are in love, then you will find a way to cope with the opponent. Also you will make a profitable trip. If in a dream you can not open the lock, then be afraid of disappointment in love and risky travel. The dream in which you fasten the lock on any piece of jewelry worn by your lover means that you have doubted its fidelity, but your suspicions will be absolutely groundless.

Castle (building)

You are in an old castle, then you will have enough money to lead a life that you yourself want. If you dreamed that you are in an old abandoned castle, then in your heart there is still room for romance. However, try not to go too far, since nothing promises a happy marriage. To dream that you are leaving the castle, warns you against possible losses or robberies.


If you dreamed that you are hesitating when making a decision about marriage, then in real life you are considered a person prone to frivolous acts. For a young man, a dream in which his relative marries, means that he will stay long in bachelors. If a young woman had dreamed that she was getting married to another shortly before the wedding, then she might be at peace, that she made the right choice.

The splinter

If your body pierces splinters, then in reality you will suffer greatly from the envy of other people. To plant a splinter – to trouble at work. Perhaps a demotion. If in a dream you take out a splinter from another person, in real life you will find a new friend who will play an important role in your life. If you feel a splinter, but you can not see it, unexpected obstacles will arise on your way. The dream in which you have stuck your leg while visiting is means that the planned visit to the guests or the expected visit of the guests will cause you a lot of problems.

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If you feel an unpleasant smell, then you can not avoid quarrels and disagreements. Sweetish pleasant aroma can be a symbol of that in your personal life there will be changes for the better, and your business will enter into a stable channel.


If you cook meals and set the table for a festive meal, then your life will please you with stability and prosperity. If a feast causes anxiety in your sleep, then waking will come when it was least expected. Being among guests invited to a feast means that in life you will meet sincere people. If you dream that you are eating at a table that does not have a tablecloth, then you are a self-sufficient and independent person. Seeing a stained tablecloth on the table means disobeying children or subordinates. To see empty tables in a dream predicts poverty.


If you received a salary, then you will be successful in your endeavors. If you give wages to others in a dream, then you will be deeply disappointed. If you dreamed that you were lowered your salary, then be afraid of competitors who will go to low deeds to deprive you of profit. If, on the contrary, you raise your salary, then this dream predicts an unexpected profit.

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