What the Dream Cemetery, Chestnuts, Bugs, Goats …….
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What the Dream Cemetery, Chestnuts, Bugs, Goats …….

What the Dream Cemetery, Chestnuts, Bugs, Goats …….


If you dreamed that you are holding chestnuts in your hands, then in business you will incur losses. However, your annoyance will be brightened up by the appearance of a new partner who will remain true to you for many years. If you eat chestnuts in a dream, then soon there will be no trace of your sadness. For a young woman, the dream in which she tries to guess on chestnuts means that soon she will have a wealthy admirer.


If you are on a ship in a cabin, then in real life clouds are gathering over you. It is not excluded that you will be attracted to participation in the trial, during which you will suffer from inaccurate testimony of your witness.


The dream in which you see a brick, heralds a failure in commercial and personal affairs. If you make bricks in a dream, then your attempts to get rich will become vain.


Sleep, where you see yourself in a well-groomed cemetery, promises you good news from whose health you were worried about. In addition, there is a high probability that you will receive something that has been taken from you. To see in a dream an overgrown abandoned cemetery means that you will live to the time when all your relatives and friends will leave you, and the care of you will be taken by strangers. If a young man dreamed that he was walking through the cemetery, then this is a symbol that he will be able to win the love of friends. However, it is possible that he will not be able to cope with sadness. A dream in which the bride on her way to the marriage ceremony passes through the cemetery, means that she risks losing her husband during the journey. For the mother, a dream in which a bouquet of fresh flowers carries in the cemetery means that members of her family will be in good health. For a young widow, the dream in which he goes to the cemetery means that the possibility of an early marriage is not ruled out. If she is in a sad mood, she can not avoid the hassle and regret. For old people to see in a dream cemetery heralds death. Seeing in a dream how little children frolic in the cemetery means that good changes are coming. In addition, such a dream promises a long happy life.


You see a cage full of birds, then in reality you will become a happy owner of untold riches and you will have many charming children. If there is only one bird in the cage, then you will get a desired and profitable marriage. If the cell is empty, it is a sign of losing someone close to you. If you dream of wild animals in a cage, then such a dream symbolizes your victory over the enemies. However, you should beware of various kinds of accidents, if you see yourself in a cage with animals.


The Bedbug, then you have envious people. For a woman, a bug, seen in a dream, means that her fan is a two-faced man. The dream in which you see a bed with bugs, heralds the betrayal of people who pretend to be your friends. If you have crushed a bug in a dream, then you are in serious trouble, as well as health problems.


If you see how a cat plays with a ball of threads, then you wake up for home joys. The accelerating pace of life depresses you, but you can not do anything about it. If you dreamed that you wind the yarn in a ball, then in real life you can put things in order that you inherited in a very poor state.


The keys are dreaming of change. The loss of keys promises unpleasant adventures. Finding the keys means family happiness and success in business. To see a broken key in a dream means that you are going to be separated because of jealousy. For a young woman, a dream in which she lost a key from a jewelry jewelry heralds a quarrel with her beloved. If a woman dreams that she opens the door with her own key, then soon she will have a new fan. Closing the door with a key promises a successful marriage. If she gives the key, it means that by silly conversations she will damage her reputation.


You read books, then you are provided with fame, honor and respect. The same meaning has a dream, in which you reflect on the meaning of what you read. For the author to see in a dream his work published means that the path of his book to the reader will not be easy. The dream in which you see the reading children means that the young people you will be communicating with will be worthy representatives of their generation. To dream in an old book means that you should beware of evil in any of its manifestations. The bookcase, filled with books, symbolizes that your work and leisure will be associated with acquiring knowledge. Empty bookshelves portend a plight because of a lack of livelihood or loss of work. If you dreamed that you are in a bookshop, then you are destined to experience the influence of inspiration.


If you see goats that walk around the yard, then this year due to good weather will be a rich harvest. If you dream that you are bitten by a goat or goat, then you should take extra care when running your business to prevent information leakage. For a woman, the dream in which she rides a goat means that her reputation will be jeopardized by her imprudent behavior. If a woman dreams that she drinks goat’s milk, then when choosing her husband, she will be guided not by feelings, but by common sense. A dreamed goat symbolizes a mood for playful behavior, which, incidentally, can hurt your loved ones.


Sleep, where you draw water from a well, means that you will retreat before the complexities of life. Fall into the well means that you will surrender to despair. Descend into the well means that your plans are not destined to come true because of the intrigues of enemies. An empty well symbolizes the troubles that you will expose yourself due to excessive credulity. If the well is equipped with a pump, then in real life you will have the opportunity to expand your prospects. If you eagerly drink well water, then in reality you can satisfy your passion. However, if the water turns out to be cloudy or tasteless, then wait for trouble.

Bell tower

You see a bell tower, then wakes and illnesses will fall on your share. If you dreamed of a destroyed bell tower, then your loved ones are facing unhappiness. The dream in which you climb the bell tower means that the difficulties that have arisen on your way are temporary and you will certainly cope with them. To fall from the bell tower means that you will suffer losses in trading matters.


If the cradle with a wonderful baby, then fate will give you well-being and beautiful children. The dream in which you swing your child in the cradle means that you should be prepared for an illness that will befall your loved ones. For a young woman, a dream in which she shakes an empty cradle means her behavior causes too much gossip.


If you wear rings, this is a sign that your endeavors will be crowned with success. If the rings are worn by others – this is to improve the welfare and expand the circle of your friends. If a young woman dreamed that she was given a ring, then this is a good omen. The behavior of her lover will bring peace of mind to her soul, since he will completely devote himself to their common interests. The dream in which you saw a broken ring is a harbinger of quarrels, family troubles, separation.

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