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What’s the dream of a Fortuneteller, Viper, Tie, Harmon, Nails ……

What’s the dream of a Fortuneteller, Viper, Tie, Harmon, Nails ……


A dream in which a fortune teller predicts her fate by hand, means that in real life she will have friendly relations with men, but she will not have girlfriends. The dream in which she herself tries to read the meaning of the lines on someone’s hand means that she will earn the respect of others with her extraordinary mind. If this hand is one of the acquaintances who occupy a high position, then it will require the support of friends. If in a dream you are afraid of predicting a fortuneteller, then in real life you can easily overcome all the difficulties that have arisen.


The sighted adder warns you of any manifestation of evil. If in a dream you managed to repel an attack of a viper and even kill it, then in reality you can overcome all obstacles on the way to the coveted goal. A dream in which you see a viper of a viper means that you are inadequately evaluating people. Perhaps you trust the wrong person.


If the newspaper has a dream, then you should beware of people who are unclean, whose actions your reputation may suffer. If you yourself print a newspaper, then in the near future you will expect new meetings and travel. A dream in which you want to read a newspaper, but for some reason you do not have it
it turns out, predicts failure in some dubious business.


You dreamed that you are tying a tie, then in real life you can achieve a lot by putting enough effort. Sleep, in which you untied a tie, warns you that you are in danger of missing something. If you see an unusual tie in a dream, then you will be introduced to an extraordinary person.

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You see your own wardrobe, means that in real life you risk getting into an unpleasant story because of your desire to appear richer than you are in reality. If you dreamed that your wardrobe is small, then in real life you will strive to meet with the unknown and unexplored.


You see or hear how someone plays the accordion, then in real life you strive for simple natural pleasures, not understanding what the charm of all the newfangled things. Playing the accordion itself means that you will come across some kind of small problem. However, you should not postpone its solution for a long time, because in time it will take catastrophic dimensions.


Sleep, where you see nails, means that you will have to earn your daily bread with hard work. If you are hammering nails in a dream, then in real life you will not strive to achieve a high social status. You think it’s enough to be an honorable noble person. Trading in a dream with nails means that you will have an interesting job, which, however, will not bring you the expected income. To dream in a dream bent and rusty nails – to illnesses and failures.


If you see a hyena, then in real life you can not get away with it. Such a dream warns about possible diseases that lie in wait for you or your loved ones. It is especially bad if the hyena tries to attack you. A dream in which you enter with a hyena into a duel is beneficial, and you defeat it, as it symbolizes your victory over difficulties.


For a young woman, a dream in which she comes to see a gynecologist means that her relationship with her lover worries her. However, all experiences are in vain. If a woman dreams that she is sick and the gynecologist is alarmed by her condition, then she is expected to lose. If the gynecologist is calm, then her health will soon recover. If in a dream the gynecologist did not take money from you for treatment, then such a dream promises health and prosperity.

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You play the guitar, then you are expecting pleasant lessons. For a girl to see in a dream an upset or broken guitar, means that she is disappointed in love. If a woman hears in a dream the sound of sampling guitar strings, then she should be very careful not to yield to sweet speeches, after which only bitterness can remain. For a man, such a dream means that he runs the risk of losing his head because of the woman, whom the rumor is called “fatal”.


If you iron things, then in reality you will be able to create coziness in your home. For a woman to see in a dream that she burned on an iron, means that in reality unreasonable jealousy will whet her heart. If she burns clothes, then a real rival may appear. If you dream that the iron you iron is too cold, then you should beware of cooling the relationship in the family.


When you see the clay, then in reality you can worsen your financial situation. If you dig clay soil on the river bank, then such a dream means that you will be forced to make some undesirable concessions to you. If you dig the ground and get on a layer of clay, then your plans may be upset because of unforeseen circumstances. Perhaps to achieve the goal you should develop a completely different plan. For a woman that foreshadows the difficulties in dealing with her beloved.


You dreamed that you have worms, then you should be afraid of intrigues of enemies. If you manage to withdraw the worms, then you will be lucky. However, do not relax, since a white band can be followed by a black one. Sleep, in which worms appeared in others, means that your friends are threatened by illnesses and troubles.

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Bird’s Nest, then in the near future your interest will be chained to a certain case, which in the future will prove to be very profitable for you. For a young woman to see a nest in a dream – to move. To see in a dream an empty nest – to parting with a close person. To see the broken eggs in the nest is to failures and disappointments. A dream in which you see a bird hatching eggs in a nest means that a cozy home and beautiful children will be your joy in life.


You see, how in your refrigerator products have rotted, then in real life you will spend too much money where you could do much less. If you dreamed that you are cutting a product and it is rotten inside, then you should think about the relationships in your family, because outside well-being often hides a tangle of unresolved problems, which every day becomes more and more.


Dreams in which you see shit promise a profit. If you dreamed of bowel movements, then such a dream promises big profits, which you will be given even by deliberately losing operations. In addition, it is possible to obtain a solid inheritance. If you see dung in a dream, then wait for pleasant surprises after such a dream. Especially favorable is a similar dream for farmers, he predicts a plentiful harvest.


To see the meat of a cow just slaughtered is a sign of a serious illness. Seeing such a dream, take a closer look at your health. If in a dream you eat a dish made from beef, beware of the severe suffering that may fall to your share. Life can end tragically. However, if you eat beef for a beautifully served table, in a pleasant company, then such a dream presages harmony in love and deeds.

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