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Why dream Cherry, Hair, Waterfall, Wolf, Fork ……..

Why dream Cherry, Hair, Waterfall, Wolf, Fork ……..


If you hold the oars in your hands, then in real life you will suffer a deep disappointment associated with your too kind and benevolent nature. If you dreamed that you lost the paddle, then in reality you will not be able to carry out the plan. A dream in which you see a broken paddle means that you will not be allowed to fully enjoy the long-awaited pleasure.


For a young woman, a dream in which she sees that her face is covered with freckles, means that a lot of annoying misunderstandings will prevent her from happily. Look at their freckles in the mirror – to the appearance of a serious rival.


If you feel the whiff of a fresh breeze, then you can hope that finally luck will smile at you. If you hear the wind rustle with the crowns of trees, then perhaps you will reject the love of a person who does not represent his life without you. A dream in which you walk fast, and a strong wind hits your face, means that you can confidently move along the planned path, regardless of any difficulties. If in a dream you feel that the wind prevents you from moving forward, then expect the tricks of fate, traitor. If the wind is passing, then you suddenly have allies who will help you in your affairs. Feeling in a dream a strong gust of wind means that soon you will find yourself in a quandary. A good sign will be if at this time you are in shelter and only hear the gusts of the wind, as this means that troubles will pass you by. To feel in a dream that your hair is fluttering in the wind means that you need to be less frivolous.


You are watching how the evening comes to replace the day, then your hopes for the success of the conceived business will not come true. If in the evening sky you see bright stars, then after a series of failures, fortune will turn to you again. If you dreamed of a romantic date in the evening, then in reality you are expected to part with your lover.

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See explosions – unkind sleep. He predicts that one of your loved ones will cause your troubles and losses. If in a dream you saw your face or faces of acquaintances, covered with fire from an explosion or even mutilated, then beware of unfair accusations that will be difficult to remove from yourself. To see in a dream smoking ruins after an explosion means financial collapse and deterioration of relations with people. For a young woman, a dream in which her house explodes in her eyes means that she is disappointed in love. A dream in which you were thrown up or thrown aside by a blast wave means that one of your acquaintances, posing as your friend, will take your trust and betray you. Seeing such a dream, girls should be especially cautious about their dating with men.


Sleep in which you see a fork, warns you about the machinations of competitors. For a woman, a fork, seen in a dream, heralds family troubles.


If you eat grapes, the difficulties that have fallen to your lot will temper your character. A dream in which you see grapevines bending under the weight of grapes, promises public recognition. For a young woman, such a dream means the fulfillment of desires and a successful marriage. The vineyard, past which you pass and tear off bunches of ripe grapes on the move, means that you will be successful. However, if the grapes are immature or rotten, then you are in doubt about the correctness of your actions.


To drink wine is to sincere joy and true friendship. Split a bottle of wine – to excessive impressions. To pour wine from one vessel into another – to travel to beautiful places and all kinds of pleasures. To trade wine – to profitability of your undertakings. For a young woman to see in a dream that she drinks wine, means that she will marry a rich and noble
rights. If you dream of barrels of wine, then wait for a big profit.


To see cherry is a favorable sign. You will be able to win love and respect with your friendly attitude to people. If you eat cherries in a dream, then in reality you can achieve what you have been going on for so long. If the cherry in your dream is green, then soon you will be lucky.


You dream of pure and transparent water, then such a dream promises you joy and prosperity. If the water is dirty and cloudy, you should be prepared for what is in danger, and the bright band of your life will be replaced by a dark one. If you fall into a puddle or a pond with dirty water in a dream, then in real life you risk serious mistakes, which you will regret later. If you dreamed that you quench your thirst with dirty water, it is to illness, if clean – to luck. Dreams seen in a dream (especially if it is related to your home) warns of imminent danger. However, if you see how the water is falling, the most terrible thing is left behind. Sleep, in which you splash and frolic in the water, foretells love and all-consuming passion. If you get a drop of water on your head, then your feelings will be mutual.

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The Whirlpool

If you see a whirlpool, then your business is in serious danger. Such a dream warns you that you need to exercise extreme caution.


A dream in which you see a waterfall promises the fulfillment of the most cherished desire. Fate will be supportive of you.


To see the military is an unfavorable sign. For a young woman, the dream in which she marries a military man means that she has a difficult family life. If you dreamed that you are present at a military parade, then in real life you are tired of the chaos reigning around. Your nature requires order and discipline.


Seeing war means failure in business and turmoil in the family. For a young woman to accompany a loved one to a war means that she learns something about him that will surprise her a lot. If you dreamed that your country lost the war, then wait for economic and political cataclysms that will directly affect your well-being. Winning the war on the contrary promises a revival of business activity and family well-being.


To see a wolf means that you overly trust a person who betrays you. To kill a wolf in a dream means that you will defeat a cunning, insidious enemy who seeks to tarnish you with shame. Hearing a wolf in a dream means that soon you will reveal a secret alliance of your enemies, who are trying to defeat you.


If a young woman is combing her beautiful well-groomed hair, then in reality she does not give due importance to her personal life. A man dreams that he begins to grow bald, then it warns him against extravagance, which can lead to serious financial problems. If you dream that your hair is turning gray, then such a dream can predict the imminent death of a close friend or relative. If you saw a young man or a girl with gray hair in a dream, be ready for loss. Perhaps, from your life the beloved will leave. With special care for such a dream it is necessary to treat a woman, for troubles can occur through her fault. If a young woman dreamed of a woman with gray hair, she should be careful of her rivals, since she risks losing her boyfriend. If you dreamed that your entire body is covered with hair, then perhaps you are overly indulging in the pleasures of the flesh, and this can lead to problems in communicating with others. Black curly hair is a symbol of flirtation and temptation.

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If they dream a young woman, then she can fall prey to a love affair. If a man dreams that he has such a head of hair, then he will drive many women crazy. Red hair is a symbol of impermanence. If a young man dreams that his beloved has red hair, then he should be ready for jealousy. Snow-white hair means that fate will be favorable to you. If a woman dreams that her hair is of a different color, it means that in real life she will face the problem of choice. If she is reasonable enough, her life will change for the better. To see magnificent hair – to well-being. If you dream that your hair is carefully cleaned in a hairdo, then this may mean that you are waiting for luck. If you dream that you are short-cut, be prepared for financial problems because of your extravagance. Disheveled hair can mean that you are trapped by problems in business and family life.

If a young woman dreamed that she could not comb her hair, then she should pacify his own obstinate temper. The dream in which you were shaved warns that you should be prepared for deception and disappointment. If the hair itself begins to fall out, then this means serious monetary difficulties. If a man dreamed that he was sorting through tender female curls, that was a good sign. Such a dream promises him mutual love with a good woman who will be loyal to him, no matter what. If you dream that your hair is decorated with flowers, then you will not get away with it. However, they will be much less serious than they seemed initially.

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Why dream Cherry, Hair, Waterfall, Wolf, Fork ……..

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