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Why dream of Butterfly, Bazaar, Bank, Bow ………

Why dream of Butterfly, Bazaar, Bank, Bow ………


If you see butterflies in a dream – a good sign. Butterfly, fluttering in a dream among flowers and green grass, promises wealth and prosperity. To dream a lot of butterflies is to get news from missing friends. For a young woman, such a dream portends a love that will end in a happy marriage.


When you dreamed that you meet with your grandparents and talk to them, then reality awaits you that will not be easy to overcome. However, you will be given useful advice, and you will successfully exit the situation.


You dream of luggage – to burdensome cares. You will prevent unpleasant people. If in a dream you carry your own luggage, then in reality you are so carried away by your cares that you risk losing friends. If you dreamed that you lost your luggage, then beware of the disorder in business and family troubles


You dreamed that you were in a noisy oriental bazaar, then you are awaited by interesting events and pleasant rest. If in a dream you are trying to abandon the product that you are offered at the market, then in real life you are tired of the jealousy scenes that your lover rolls over to you. Sleep, in which you evening bredet over a deserted bazaar among dirty rows, presages
disappointment and sadness.


If you see a eggplant in a dream – a favorable sign. If you are preparing a dish with eggplants in a dream, then in real life you are distinguished by the ability to bring it to the end. If you dreamed that you grow aubergines, then your endeavors will be accompanied by luck. Buying aubergines, especially in large quantities, warns you that the path to success will not be easy.

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You dreamed of bananas, then in reality you have to work with colleagues who cause you negative emotions. There are bananas – to stagnate in business. Also, additional burdensome duties will fall on you. To sell bananas is a disadvantageous transaction.


When you dream of modern bandits, then in reality you tend to attach too much importance to gossip and speculation. For a young woman, a dream in which she became a victim of bandits means that she has to cope with serious troubles, perhaps in her personal life. If in a dream you meet gangsters and talk to them peacefully, then in real life you run the risk of suffering because of your excessive credulity.


Sleep, where you see bank tellers, who are not doing anything, then beware of losses in business. If you throw gold bars into a bank in a dream, then, perhaps, you are too frivolous. If you receive them in the bank, then wait for the profit. To dream of a pile of coins and banknotes promises you luck and a stable position in society.


If you see in a dream a banquet is a good sign. Friends will provide you with some important service. If you are one of the invited to the banquet, where tables are bursting with exquisite dishes, and the beautiful light-hearted people are having fun, then, perhaps, you can finally relax and taste all the joys of life. And vice versa, to see ugly cheerless faces or empty tables means troubles and disappointments.


In a dream, you hear the sounds of a drumbeat coming from afar, then such a dream warns you about the trouble that your friend has gotten into. If you dreamed of a drum, then your relatives rightly consider you a friendly and non-conflicting person.

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The badger seen in a dream symbolizes victory over life’s difficulties.


You dreamed that you are tying someone bows, then in real life you can help a loved one. If you tie a bow to yourself, then you will have a chance to improve your financial situation. If in a dream you burned an iron with a bow, then in reality you will reproach yourself for any reckless act. To see untied bows on a disheveled head is an unfavorable sign. After such a dream, illness is possible.


If a young woman’s dream, in which she swims in the pool, means that thanks to her charm she will succeed in life and will make real friends.


In a dream you see velvet, then in reality your endeavors are destined to be very successful. To wear velvet clothes is to fame and fame. For a young woman, the dream in which she is dressed in a velvet dress means that she has to choose her husband from several worthy and wealthy admirers. Dreamed old, shabby velvet means that your pride will prevent you from achieving prosperity.


Sleep, where you see a huge tower, symbolizes your desire to reach heights in everything. If in a dream you go up to the very roof of the tower, then in reality you will be able to realize the planned plans. However, if you dream that while you climb the tower, the steps under your feet crumble, and the tower eventually collapses, then your hopes for the best will not be justified.


When in a dream you see a hippopotamus, then in reality your hobby for global ideas has become the subject of many jokes among others. For a young woman, a dream in which she strokes a hippopotamus means that she strives for reliability. A dream in which you have a whole collection of toy hippopotamuses at your home, warns you that if you do not take the appropriate actions in time, you can miss the real chance to improve your financial situation.

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The poor man

When you see yourself as a poor man, in the near future you are in for trouble and loss.


In a dream, you stroll among the birch-rustling foliage, then in real life, luck will become your faithful companion. To see bare birch is an unfavorable sign. Such a dream portends a loss. If you dreamed of a dried birch, you should be more careful with your health.


When a young girl sees in a dream, as if she is pregnant, then it can prophesy trouble and dishonor. If such a dream is dreaming of a pregnant woman, then this is a sign that the birth will be easy. However, if the pregnancy is a dream of a woman who does not expect the family to replenish in the near future, then such a dream can mean an unsuccessful marriage.


You dreamed that you come home and find out there is a terrible mess, then in real life you should be more secretive and do not trust your secrets to people who will take advantage of your frankness for mercenary purposes. If in a dream you can not find the right thing in a desk drawer because of the disorder there, then in reality you should think about your own health, which, in truth, leaves much to be desired.


When you dream that you are in a state of rabies, then in reality you will face new enemies and new problems in business. Seeing others in the fury means that some external circumstances will interfere with the development of your affairs. Possible loss of independence.

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Why dream of Butterfly, Bazaar, Bank, Bow ………

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