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Why dream Pants, Bouquet, Sandals, Pins, Bull …….

Why dream Pants, Bouquet, Sandals, Pins, Bull …….


In general, diamonds dream of luck. If you dreamed that you have diamonds, then you have respect and patronage in high society. For a young woman, a dream in which a lover gives her diamonds, means that she is destined to have a successful marriage, to which everyone will be happy. However, if in a dream she has lost diamonds and can not find them, then this is an unhappy dream, predicting shame, need and misfortune. If a woman is in business, a dream with diamonds promises her prosperity and expensive gifts. A similar dream promises an unusually large win. If, in a dream, you know that the diamonds were taken from the deceased, then the dream indicates that your deception will become public.


If you see a full barrel, then you will have a good time full of fun and entertainment. If the barrel is empty, then you will not get enough fun and peace.


If you have new beautiful sandals on your feet, then in real life you will have a period of well-being and joy. If in a dream you rubbed your feet with sandals, then in real life you risk becoming an object of ridicule. Try not to give reasons for gossip. Seeing old ragged sandals means that you should be more careful with critical statements that you risk making enemies.

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If you saw trousers, then in real life you risk succumbing to the temptation to engage in dishonest business. If in a dream you put on your pants inside out, waking you up is a network of flattery and deceit.


You dreamed of a beautiful bouquet made up of brightly colored flowers, wait for a large inheritance from a distant relative. To see in a dream a dried bouquet – to illnesses and misfortunes. To dream of a bouquet of wild flowers – to the appearance of a sincere and artless friend. Give someone a bouquet – to the disappointment of someone close. Throw a dried bouquet – to get rid of annoying acquaintance. If you collect a beautiful bouquet yourself, then perhaps you will have the courage to confess your feelings to your lover. If a dream dreams a man, then soon he will decide to make an offer to his beloved girl. If you dreamed about how a bouquet crumbles before your eyes, this indicates the fragility of your relationship with your lover. Such a dream can predict the termination of the engagement. If you refuse to accept a bouquet of flowers as a gift, then you will have to regret what was done.


Pins symbolize quarrels and conflicts in the family. For a young woman such a dream encourages her to change her behavior towards her lover. If you dreamed that you swallowed a pin, then you are in danger. Unexpected circumstances will force you to take risks. Lose a pin – to small losses and disagreements. Prick a pin – to irritation, which you will long pursue. To see a bent or rusty pin is to lose respect due to your frivolity.

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If you are eating a fresh roll in a dream, then in real life you will have new pleasant experiences. If you dreamed that you bought a hard-boiled loaf, then you will regret that you allowed a momentary desire to destroy what you so long sought. For a young woman, the dream in which she bakes rolls means that none of her fans are happy with her as a husband.


If you deal with some important documents, then you will be drawn into some kind of legal proceedings. For a young woman, such a dream means that the lover will cause her discontent with her behavior.


You have fallen into a snowstorm, then in real life you should exercise extreme caution, as unforeseen circumstances can sharply aggravate the course of your affairs. The dream in which you listen to the weather forecast foreshadowing a storm means that you are inclined to trust rumors, rather than relying on existing official information. For a young woman, the dream in which she is at home and sees a storm outside the window means that she should be ready for trouble on the love front.

A sandwich

If you eat a sandwich, then this is a good sign. The more complex the sandwich, the more problems you can easily resolve. If you dream that you are laying on the table, doing a lot of different sandwiches, warns you that you run the risk of being carried away by insignificant deeds, losing sight of something important. Very good sleep, in which you eat a sandwich with a thick layer of caviar, since after such a dream, wealth will sprinkle on you, as from a cornucopia.

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You see a buffet in which there are a lot of beautiful dishes, then in reality you can count on luck. If you dreamed of an empty dirty buffet, then you should not wait for mercy from fate.


If you are chasing an ox, then you are waiting for trouble in business, caused by the envy of competitors. For a young woman, a dream in which she sees a bull means that she can soon receive a marriage proposal. However, perhaps this is far from the best option. A dream in which a bull tries to afflict a person, foreshadows a failure associated with the unreasonable use of someone else’s property. To see a white bull in a dream means that you will rise to a higher level than those who, without a second thought, follow fashion. Such a dream always means a profit.


If a young woman dreams a dream in which she buys a bra, means that her former fans are weary and she is looking for new sensations. If you see a very beautiful expensive bra in a dream, then in real life you are a connoisseur of beauty and many people rely on your taste. If you dreamed that you are wearing an old bra, then in reality you trust the first impression, which is sometimes deceiving.

Category: Witch's Dream

Why dream Pants, Bouquet, Sandals, Pins, Bull …….

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