Why dream Purse, Cats, Cross, Bonfire, Scythe ……
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Why dream Purse, Cats, Cross, Bonfire, Scythe ……

Why dream Purse, Cats, Cross, Bonfire, Scythe ……


The dream in which you are in a richly furnished room promises a big financial success, connected with the winning or the appearance of an unexpected inheritance. For a young woman such a dream promises a rich husband. However, if the room is poorly furnished, then in the marriage it will have to constantly save.

The envelope

Seeing the envelope in a dream – to the sad news.


If you dream that confetti is infinitely falling on a crowd of people who are having fun, and because of this you see practically nothing, then in real life you tend to indulge in idle pastime, but soon you take on the mind.


There are lollipops means that in the near future you will find a variety of entertainment. Sour candies can symbolize illness or annoyance. To receive a candy as a gift means that you will become an object of worship. Such a dream usually promises well-being. If you make sweets in a dream, then you can succeed due to your diligence and patience. To give candy means that you will make a decision to marry or marry, but then risk disappointing in your chosen one.


Seeing yourself riding a horse means that you will be lucky. Also such a dream can mean the satisfaction of passion. If you dreamed that you are riding a horse, and suddenly the animal goes out of control, then your interests will be infringed because of the dishonest act of a person occupying a high position. To see that the horse runs away from you into the herd, presages a disease. Beautiful stallions dream of success in business. The dream in which you are trying to travel around a wild horse can mean that you are alarmed that your lover does not react to the signs of attention you give.

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You dig the earth, then in life you are lucky and you will not feel any need, but for this you must make efforts. A dream in which you dig a hole and discover in it a treasure symbolizes the favors of fate. But if in front of you in the earth emptiness opens, then in real life, you are expected to fail. If the pit you dug is filled with water, then it warns you that all your efforts can be in vain.


Sleep, you see the ship, indicates that you are waiting for glory. Also, such a dream is a sign of selfless work and inexhaustible energy. To see a shipwreck in a dream means that you are in trouble with business. To perish as a result of a shipwreck means that you will have to show willpower. If you dream that other people are shipwrecked, your attempts to help friends will be in vain. If you dreamed of a ship sailing during a storm, then wait for a failure when concluding a deal.


You are in a long dark corridor and do not know where to go next, then such a dream is a reflection of reality and indicates that you have lost vital landmarks. If at the end of the corridor you see the light and aspire to it, then life will put you before the need to take a responsible decision, on which your future destiny will depend. If you dreamed that you are walking along a light corridor, looking at all doors and premises, and do not find any living soul, then in real life you can count on the support of close friends.

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You have seen beautiful healthy cows ready to give milk, then such a dream promises profit and the fulfillment of all desires.


To see the scythe symbolizes that illness or trouble will “knock down” your strengths and, accordingly, interfere with your plans. If you dreamed of an old or broken braid, then you can not avoid failure in business and conflict with others.


The bonfire calls for caution. If you dream that you are sitting with friends in the woods by the fire, then in reality you do not have enough warmth of friendly communication. If in a dream you see that the fire does not flare up, but only chad, then be ready for serious trouble.


If a beautiful white kitten is dreaming of a woman, then she must be cautious, because the enemies will try to deceive her into cleverly arranged networks; she should rely on intuition and common sense. If dirty, multi-colored or thin kittens are filmed, then a woman will become a victim of her own imprudence.


If you see a red-hot poker or if you are fighting with a poker, you will resolutely and vigorously fight the difficulties. For a young woman, the dream in which she uses a poker means that she will decide to abandon the generally accepted moral standards of behavior.


If you dreamed that your wallet is full of new bills or other valuables, then you will have a happy and happy life, in which there will be a place of mutual love.


If a cat has a dream, it can symbolize failure, unless you drive it away. If a cat attacks a cat in a dream, then the wiles of enemies await you. However, if you still drove her, then you will be able to overcome all obstacles. To see a skinny dirty cat means that you will get bad news from missing loved ones. Someone from friends will have a misfortune. But if you drive the cat away, your friend will recover after a serious illness. To hear the mewing of cats can warn you that under the guise of a friend the enemy hides. If a cat scratched you in a dream, then your competitors will be able to deprive you of the incomes that you so expected. A dream in which a young woman holds a kitten in her arms means that she risks falling into an unpleasant story because of the misbehavior of other people. To dream of a snow-white cat – to troubles that you initially can not pay attention to, but which will then be much more serious. If you are engaged in trade, then a dream about a cat encourages you to become involved in work with a tripled force, as competitors try to survive you.

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Dreamed that you go in the nettles, but it does not burn you, then in reality fate will be favorable to you. If in a dream you burn with nettles, then in real life your discontent with yourself will cause a lot of problems to your relatives. For a young woman, the dream in which she makes her way through the nettle thickets predicts that she will have many worthy fans who want to see her as her husband and she will hesitate for a long time, trying to make the right decision.


In general, the cross dreams of some misfortune. If you dream a person who bears a cross, then you should take this dream as a call to charity and mercy.

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