Why dreaming Willow, Needle, Izba, Treason, Raisins …….
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Why dreaming Willow, Needle, Izba, Treason, Raisins …….

Why dreaming Willow, Needle, Izba, Treason, Raisins …….


If you see willow trees, then you will have a certain trip that will not bring you joy. Consolation for you will be your friends.


You sew with a needle, then you should be afraid of trouble. In addition, you risk losing the love of a person close to you. Threading a needle, means that it is your share of care for the elderly members of your family. Search for a needle – to empty the hassle. Find a needle – to new interesting acquaintances. To break a needle is to loneliness and poverty.


Seeing toys is for joy. However, an unfavorable dream, in which you see broken toys. If you dreamed about how children play toys, you are destined to enjoy family joys. A dream in which you disassemble a toy or choose toys in a store means that you are wasting your energy on trifles, forgetting about the main thing. To give a toy a dream means that your acquaintances will ignore you. To give a toy in a dream is a sign of joy, of friendly relations with colleagues.


If you dreamed that you wake up not in a comfortable city apartment but in a village hut, and experience a bitter disappointment, in real life you will come across a situation, the only way out of which you can find a way out. If in a dream you feel the comfort of a village hut, when on a cold winter evening the whole family gathers in a heated room, then such a dream can mean your aspiration to quiet domestic joys. For bachelors such a dream suggests that they are close to creating a family.

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If you have changed, then be ready for accusations of unlawful actions. If such a dream was a dream for a woman, then it is a harbinger of that, with her grumpy temper, she will kill her husband’s love. If, however, she betrayed her husband with his best friend, then she should expect indifference from her husband. After seducing a young man in a dream, she must prepare herself for an early divorce caused by her frivolous behavior. The dream in which you managed to overcome the temptation is a good messenger. Treason your loved one – to deceit you. If you dreamed that they are cheating on you, be prepared for the fact that your trust can be abused. However, if you change out of vengeance, then your family life will be hassle-free. If a married man sees in a dream that he is betraying his wife with a prostitute, it means that his behavior causes ridicule among others. If you dreamed that you regret the perfect treason, it means that you are unhappy with the status quo and do your best to improve them.


You dreamed that violence was committed against one of your friends, then the grief that happened to your relatives will shake you. For a young woman, a dream in which she became a victim of violence may mean that she is in for trouble that will hurt her ego. Also, a break with a loved one is possible.


If you eat raisins, then in reality you will lose hope for the embodiment of your ideas exactly at the moment when you are close to the finish.

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If you stand before the icon of the Mother of God, then you are not sure that you will have the strength to cope with all life’s troubles and provide your family with a worthy existence. However, after such a dream everything should go well. For a young woman, the dream in which she sees icons, heralds a speedy marriage. If in a dream you see how the icon comes alive, then in real life you tend to believe in the supernatural and this belief sometimes helps you achieve your goals.


To dream of caviar is a favorable sign. If you buy caviar in a dream, then in reality you will noticeably improve your material situation. For a young woman, the dream in which she is eating caviar, predicts her desired pregnancy. The dream in which you open a can of caviar and discover in it something else, heralds frustration and failure. If you dreamed that you are making vegetable caviar, then in real life you have the patience to bring the matter to the end.

The Institute

For students to see the institution in which they study, can be a reflection of reality and reasoning about some events. If the student has dreamed something that could not happen in real life within the walls of the institute, then reality does not suit him and he will try to influence it.


If you are frightened by something, then you should exercise extra care to avoid an accident. The dream in which you see the frightened of other people means that your financial situation is unstable. Often, such dreams are a reflection of your actual state, so you should understand the true reasons for your concern.

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If you are looking for work, then be careful and do not miss the opportunity to get rich. If you are looking for a hotel for a night in a dream, then perhaps in reality you will have to overcome obstacles in search of wealth and happiness. Search for a needle – to empty the hassle.

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