WIKILEAKS: Clinton Campaign Scrambled to Defend Huma from Muslim Brotherhood Accusations

WIKILEAKS: Clinton Campaign Scrambled to Defend Huma from Muslim Brotherhood Accusations

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team scrambled to mount a preemptive defense of Huma Abedin, the candidate’s longtime “body woman” and confidante, according to emails published by WikiLeaks on Saturday.

In a January 2016 email exchange, top Clinton aides discussed a response to a forthcoming Vanity Fair article about Huma’s powerful role in the Clinton sphere of influence.

“As discussed, we don’t know what the tone of the piece will be, but I wrote some shell point, below, that we can adapt as need,” wrote Clinton press aide Nick Merrill.


The list of talking points include bullet point on the subject of “Muslim Brotherhood Accusations,” regarding the belief in some right-wing circles that Huma, whose family has links to a controversial Islamic organization in Saudi Arabia, is a secret terrorist:

· To perpetuate baseless accusations about someone’s faith to sell magazines is reprehensible, and frankly surprising coming from Vanity Fair. For fringe partisans to make these claims is bad enough. But years later, after being denounced by everyone from John McCain to Marco Rubio, for a magazine to pick up and give column inches to this nonsense is as irresponsible as it is baseless.

The campaign also prepared talking points on Huma’s personal life, which has become a matter of interest largely due to the perverted exploits of her now-estranged husband Anthony Weiner.

· Huma’s personal life is just that, her personal life. She is a wonderful mother which she balances with a very impressive career. I don’t know how she does it all, but she does, with grace and humility.

Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill, has also been known to engage in pervy behavior.

The Vanity Fair article examined the close relationship between Huma and the politician she has served for so many years, noting that it was “safe to say that over the years Abedin and Hillary have spent more time together than either has with her husband.”



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