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A planetary combination formed by Jupiter in the 9th house, lord of the 9th house in the llth from Jupiter, i.e., 7th from Ascendant, and Moon associated with Jupiter. The combination bestows on the individual born under it auspicious events in life, especially after the age of 25 years. He also receives many honors from the State and accumulates huge wealth.


A planetary combination formed by the lord of the Navamsa sign of the 10th house lord occupying the 10th house along with the Ascendant lord. An individual born under it receives his education specially after the age of 16 years. He finally receives state honors and riches. By temperament he is polite.


A planetary combination formed by the placement of the lord of 9th house in 3rd house inspected by Jupiter. It makes the individual physically well proportioned, good-natured and learned. His prosperity increases after the age of 6 years.


A planetary combination used in Tajaka system. It relates to the relationship between planets with different motions in close association. If the lord of the Ascendant and the lord of the house whose result is being studied do not have mutual aspect but there is a fast-moving planet in between them, then the fast-moving planet in between them transfers the benefic influence of the anterior planet to the forward one.


A planetary combination formed the exaltation of the lord of the Navamsa sign in which the lord of the 9th house is placed and is in association with the Ascendant lord. It makes the individual powerful after 7 years of age. He receives many state honours and is interested in the scriptures.


A planetary combination formed by the placement of the lord of the 5th house in the 9th house while the lord of the 11th house occupies the 2nd house along with Moon. The combination makes the individual very creative and an excellent orator.


A planetary combination formed by two planets in each of the two signs and one planet in each of the three signs. It bestows affluence and long life.


A planetary combination formed by the Ascendant lord and Jupiter placed in the 4th house, Moon associated with the lord of the 7th house, and the Ascendant aspected by a benefic. An individual born under this combination is very charitable, rich, well-proportioned yet stocky in constitution. He gains repute after the age of 33 years.

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A planetary combination formed by all planets occupying consecutively the first seven houses without any gap. It makes the individual earn his livelihood from professions connected with navigation, fishing, import-export, and international commerce.


The planetary combination for the cancellation of adverse effects of a debilitated planet. The cancellation enables the person to attain the status of a king. The combination is formed in several ways, such as (i) a planet at birth in its depression has the lord of that sign, or that of its exaltation sign in a cardinal house either with respect to ascendant or Moon sign (ii) the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the depressed planet at birth posited in a cardinal house, or in a trine house with respect to the Ascendant while the Ascendant lord itself is in a Navamsa owned by a movable sign.


A planetary combination formed by the lord of Navamsa sign of Ascendant associated with the lord of Moon sign and the lord of the 10th house aspecting it. An individual born under this combination occupies a very high status in society and is much renowned. The Yoga fructifies early in life.



A planetary combination formed by planets, other than Moon, situated on both sides of Sun. It makes the individual well proportioned, handsome, skilled and effective in many undertakings, full of enthusiasm, tolerant, and balanced in approach even to complicated problems. Such a person is affluent like a king, enjoys good health and possesses all good things in life.



A planetary combination formed by the lords of the 9th house from Ascendant and from Moon situated together in the 7th house from Venus. Individuals born with this stellar configuration are very happy, live in luxury and are engaged in auspicious activities. After the age of fifteen years, they are granted favors by the state and elders.


A planetary combination produced by all planets in the 4th and 10th houses. It makes the individual a bearer of messages, he may even be an ambassador. He would be quarrelsome and always traveling.


Planetary combinations formed by non-luminaries, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in their own sign or in exaltation, occupying a cardinal house. Each of these nonluminaries forms the yoga singly, and each of them has a separate name and effect. Ruchaka yoga is formed by such a placement of Mars, Bhadra by Mercury, Hamsa by Jupiter, Malavya by Venus, and Sasa Yoga by Saturn.


This means exchange of mutual houses. Any two lords may exchange their houses. Of them when the lord of 9th, this can confer very good results. If the lords of 5 and 10 exchange or 7 and 10 exchange or 5 and 9 exchange very good results can be seen. Even when the lord of 10 is in 9 or 9 th in 10th this yoga is formed partially. Even in cases where the lord of 10th hag aspect of the lord of 5 or 9 this yoga can form to an extent.
Ruchaka Yoga: Strong physique, well versed in ancient love, conforms to tradition and customs, and becomes famous. Such an individual also becomes wealthy, lives for long, and leads a group of men or an army.
Bhadra Yoga: Strong physique with a lion-like face. The individual is helpful to relatives and attains a high intellectual eminence.
Hamsa Yoga: A righteous person, graceful in appearance, considerate, devoted to gods and higher life, and ritualistic in religious observances.
Malavya Yoga: Essentially a family person, preoccupied with domestic responsibilities and surrounded by children and grandchildren. He possesses personal vehicle, residential house, and other necessities of life.
Sasa Yoga: Sensuous, occultist, leader of non-traditional and anti-social elements. Fearless and capable of performing arduous deeds.

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Malefic planets flanking any house or a planet. It destroys the auspicious nature of the same and imparts malefic influence. The house or the planet thus afflicted does not prosper.


A planetary combination related with the position of the Ascendant lord. If the lord of the sign where the Ascendant lord is situated, or if the lord of the navamsa where the lord of the sign in which the Ascendant lord is situated is placed in a cardinal or trine house, Parijata Yoga is formed. It makes the person born under it a sovereign, destined to be happy during the middle or the later part of his life. Such a person is respected by other kings. He is fond of wars, possesses immense wealth, is mindful of his duties towards the state, and is compassionate in disposition.


Planetary combination for asceticism. Some important ascetic yogas are as follows:
(1) Four or more planets in strength occupying a single house with Raja Yoga present in the horoscope (2) The lord of Moon sign with no aspect on itself, aspects Saturn or Saturn aspects the lord of the sign occupied by Moon which is also weak (3) Moon occupies drekkana of Saturn and is expected by it. Such an individual renounces the world and mundane relationships (4) Moon occupies the navamsa of Saturn or Mars, and is expected by Saturn. Such a person is disenchanted with mundane existence and leads the life of a recluse (5) Jupiter, Moon and the Ascendant expected by Saturn, and Jupiter occupying the 9th house in the horoscope make a person born in Raja Yoga a holy and illustrious founder of a system of philosophy.(6) Saturn unaccepted by a planet occupies the 9th House and there is Raja Yoga in the horoscope. The combination will make the individual enter a, holy order and become a lord of men.

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Planetary combinations of this name are of two kinds. First, benefics in a cardinal house from Ascendant, and 6th and 8th houses either posited by benefics or vacant. Second, the Ascendant lord and the 12th house lord both in cardinal houses from each other, and expected by friendly planets. Persons born under these combinations are very fortunate, fond of learning different subjects, charitable and considerate. They become political or social leaders. They, however, have a great attraction for women.


Individuals born under it earn much money and are very skilled, and respected.


Planetary combinations leading to servitude formed
(1) when Sun is in the 10th house, Moon is in the 7th, Saturn in the 4th, Mars in the 3rd and the Ascendant is in a cardinal sign while Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house. Persons born under this combination during night will be a servant of another person (2) If Venus occupies the 9th house, Moon the 7th house, Mars the 8th, and Jupiter owns the 2nd house or the Ascendant while the Ascendant is in a fixed sign. The person born in this combination lives always in servitude (3) When a person is born during nighttime and has the lord of the movable rising sign in Sandhi and a malefic planet occupies a cardinal house (4) Jupiter attains Iravathamsa and occupies a Sandhi, and Moon is not situated in a cardinal house but possesses Uttam-varga and Venus is in the rising sign and birth is in the night time during the dark half of a lunar month. The person is born as a menial (5) if at the time of birth of a person, Mars, Jupiter, and Sun occupy, respectively, the Sandhis of 6th, 4th, and 10th Bhavas, or (6) If Moon while occupying the Amsa (q.v.) of a malefic planet is in a Benefic sign, or (7) When Jupiter is in Capricorn occupying the 6th, 8th, or the 12th bhava, and Moon is in the 4th bhava from the rising sign, -the individual born will have to work at the biddings of others.