‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale Sees A True Song Of Fire & Ice Burn To A Cunning End   Other

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details of tonight’s Game of Thrones’ series finale. After 73 episodes, two slain dragons, three Outstanding Drama Series Emmys, one Peabody, the demise of the Night King and most of Kings’ Landing and the destruction of more monarchies than the end of World War I, Game of Thrones ended tonight. Queen Cersei (Lena Headey) is
The World’s Most Asked Questions | Compilation   Video

Go to http://Brilliant.org/SciShow to try their [COURSE NAME] course. The first 200 subscribers get 20% off an annual Premium subscription. A while back, we were tasked with answering some of the world's most asked questions. So here, in one convenient location, are some of those questions and their answers. Hosted by: Stefan Chin SciShow has a spinoff podcast!
Does Medicine Actually Expire?   Video

Expired medicine might seem like a weird concept because a lot of it doesn’t get moldy or slimy like old food. Is it really a big concern? For FDA recommendations about safe disposal of medication, visit this link: https://www.fda.gov/drugs/resourcesforyou/consumers/buyingusingmedicinesafely/ensuringsafeuseofmedicine/safedisposalofmedicines/ucm186187.htm Hosted
We’re One Step Closer to Understanding Aging   Video

Scientists have had a variety of hypotheses about how chemical stress can affect DNA to cause aging, but a new study has just shown the process in action. Hosted by: Hank Green SciShow has a spinoff podcast! It's called SciShow Tangents. Check it out at http://www.scishowtangents.org ———- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ———- Huge
Jacqueline Bisset To Star In ‘Loren And Rose’; Matt Cook Toplines ‘Film Fest’; Danielle Nicolet Joins ‘Faith Based’   Other

Golden Globe-winning actress Jacqueline Bisset (Dancing on the Edge) and Kelly Blatz (Fear the Walking Dead) will star as the title characters in Loren and Rose, an indie film written and directed by Russell Brown (The Blue Tooth Virgin, Search Engines). The story centers on a promising filmmaker and an iconic actress who forms a special bond over a series of lunches
Bad Science: Breast Milk and Formula   Video

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Afterlife Dream Meaning So you had a dream of the afterlife? I know, it can be rather surreal. Especially if someone passed away in real life recently. In fact, these types of dreams are rather common if you have lost a loved one. But you’re left waking up in the morning wondering what it was all about then read on. You are in the right place. The afterlife is

Dream of being afraid Are you afraid in your dream? What does being afraid mean in your dream? To dream that you are afraid indicates you are feeling anger in waking life. This could be due to a lack of control over a situation. To dream of being afraid according to Carl Jung indicates that you have feelings of being sexually attracted to someone. Emotions in dreams

Affairs in dreams Oh no… the dreaded dream of an affair! Freud stated that to dream of cheating means you are feeling vulnerable in a relationship that is close to you. I will firstly tell you one thing that is very important. Don’t be too alarmed at the nature of this dream. Normally, the meaning is the opposite, and your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend

Plane Crash Dream An airplane crash symbolizes a negative part of one’s life’s journey. We use planes to travel to places that are far away, typically, the airplane is symbolic of an event, individuals, or emotions that are either in the past or are physically apart from you. The terrible dream of an airplane crash can be connected to your own inner anxieties.