What Does It Mean to See in a Dream …… Dress, Driving, Dragon …..

What Does It Mean to See in a Dream …… Dress, Driving, Dragon …..

Drag Queen

To see or dream that you are a drag queen refers to your over the top attitude. You are also exuding a lot of confidence. Alternatively, the dreams suggests that you are hiding your true self. Perhaps you are being someone who you are not.

Drag Race

To see or dream that you are in a drag race refers to some situation that you don’t really want to be involved in, but feel pressure to prove yourself. You have a strong competitive side. Alternatively, the dream means that you need to slow down before you jeopardize your well being.


To see a dragon in your dream represents your strong will and fiery personality. You tend to get carried away by your passion, which may lead you into trouble. You need to exercise some self-control. If you dream about the birth of a dragon, then it refers to your emerging passion and strong will. In particular, dreaming of a metal dragon signifies an unyielding character, a water dragon symbolizes quiet confidence, a wood dragon means an analytical and logical mind, a fire dragon refers to a competitive nature and leadership and an earth dragon signifies sociability.

In the eastern cultures, dragons are seen as spiritual creatures symbolizing good luck and fortune.

To dream that you are a dragon and breathing fire suggests that you are using your anger to get your own way.


To see a dragonfly in your dream symbolizes change and regeneration. It may also indicate that something in your life may not appear as it seems. Alternatively, the dream represents instability flightiness or activity. You are always on the go.

To dream that you are eating a dragonfly suggests that you are consumed by some sort of passion even at the risk of offending or hurting other’s feelings.


To see a drain in your dream signifies your need to release and channel your emotions. You should not keep your feelings inside. Consider the condition and appearance of the drain for clues on how you are feeling. Alternatively, it may represent some wasted effort or loss. The dream may also be a pun on something or someone that is “draining” you of your energy or resources.

To dream that you are unclogging the drain indicates that you need to remove some obstacle or blockage that is hindering your progress.


To see a drainer in your dream suggests that you are getting rid of your excessive emotions. Or on the other hand, it could imply that you are feeling emotionally drained.


To dream that you are in drama class signifies your ability to express your emotions. The dream may be a metaphor for your waking life. Do you feel like you are living in your own drama?


To dream that you are closing the drapes suggest that you are blocking out external worries and problems. You are shielding yourself from the world.


To see a drawbridge in your dream represents protection. You feel that some relationship or situation is too invasive. It may also mean that you are drawing the line and creating boundaries.


To see drawers in your dream signify your inner and hidden state and being. In particular, a disorderly drawer represents internal chaos and turmoil while an orderly drawer signifies calmness. Alternatively, a drawer symbolizes your reserves. There is something that you have stored away, but are now ready to use or express. If the drawer is full, then it symbolizes your many resources. If the drawer is empty, then it denotes your need to fulfill your goals.


To dream that you are drawing represents an expression of your latent artistic abilities. You need to show more of your creativity in your waking life. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on a “draw” to mean a tie or some undecided decision or argument. “It’s a draw.”


If you do not have dreadlocks in your waking life and dream that you have them, then it indicate a rejection of traditional values and beliefs. You are going against the norm of society. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor for something that you are dreading.

Dream Moods

To dream of our website Dream Moods indicates the importance you are placing in understanding dreams. You are serious about learning more from your dreams. Alternatively, it also represents of sense of community.


To see a dreamcatcher in your dream indicates that you are putting up a wall or barrier against the negativity in your life. Perhaps there is something in your subconscious that you are trying to prevent from emerging.


To dream that you are dreaming or daydreaming signifies your emotional state. You are excessively worried and fearful about a situation or circumstance that you are going through. Dreaming that you are dreaming also serves as a layer of protection from what you are feeling. The dream within a dream allows you to experience certain difficult feelings that may otherwise be too painful to confront if you were directly dreaming the scenario.


To see or wear a dress in your dream represents a feminine outlook or feminine perspective on a situation. You are freely expressing your femininity. If you are a man and dream that you are wearing a dress suggests that others are questioning your sexuality. Or that you are feeling sexually insecure.

To dream that you are wearing a white dress implies that you want to appear pure and angelic toward others. Perhaps you are trying to look “innocent”. To dream that you are wearing a purple dress refers to your devotion to your spouse or partner. Dreaming of wearing a blue dress indicates a desire to fit in or be like someone else. If the dress is another color, look up the specific color for additional significance.

Dreaming that you are wearing a dress that belongs to someone has has passed away suggests that you have not let go. You are trying to relive or hold on to something in the past.

Dress Form

To see a dress form in your dream refers to your desires to fit in. You feel that you do not measure up to others ideals or expectations.


To see a dresser in your dream represents aspects of yourself that you are hiding. It may refer to your intimate self or childhood self. You need to reevaluate these emotions and either discard or incorporate them into your daily life.


To dream that you are dressed in someone else’s clothes represents your admiration for that person. You are trying to incorporate aspects of that person into your own self.

To dream that you are dressing up suggests that you need to be more confident in your abilities and proud of your achievements.

To dream that you are having trouble getting dressed indicates that someone is trying to cause you problems and give you stress in your waking life.

To dream that you are dressed in white indicates longevity, good health or purity. You are trying to appear innocent to others.

Dressing Room

To dream that you are in a dressing room suggests that you are trying to fit into some new situation or role. You are working on a fresh self-image. If the clothes do not fit, then it implies a feeling of insecurities. You feel you don’t fit in. Alternatively, the dream represents your changing roles and the various personas you have.


To see a drill in your dream indicates that you are headed toward a new direction in life. You are opening yourself up to new experiences and insights.


To dream that you are drinking water represents spiritual refreshment. You will find resolution by looking within yourself and your past. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you are really thirsty.

To dream that you are drinking alcohol denotes that you are seeking either pleasure or escape. In particular, if you are drinking wine, then it is symbolic of a divine power.


To dream that something is dripping suggests that you are slowly losing your spiritual will. You are experiencing something disturbing which is affecting your psyche and well-being.


To see or dream that you are at a drive-in indicates that you are taking a different life path then you had planned. Perhaps you have put your own goals on hold. You may also be reflecting on certain decisions you have made in your life.


To dream that you are going through a drive-thru implies that your ambition and drive is getting in the way of your personal relationships. Sometimes you need to take a break and reconnect with loved ones.

Driver’s License

To see your driver’s license in your dream suggests that you are facing an identity crisis.

To lose your driver’s license in your dream indicates that you have lost your way or direction in life. Perhaps you have lost the autonomy to move forward toward your goals. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you have lost your true Self. You are trying to be someone you are not.


To see or drive up to a driveway in your dream symbolizes an end to your journey. It also represents security and rest. Alternatively, it denotes your path toward achieving inner peace and finding your spirituality.

To see rocks on the driveway refers to a rocky end to some journey.


To dream that you are driving a vehicle signifies your life’s journey and your path in life. The dream is telling of how you are moving and navigating through life. If you are driving and cannot see the road ahead of you, then it indicates that you do not know where you are headed in life and what you really want to do with yourself. You are lacking direction and goals. Similarly, to dream that you are driving at night suggests that you are unsure of where you are headed in life. You are experiencing obstacles toward your goals. Perhaps you do not want to see what is ahead for you or you are afraid to confront certain issues. You may be feeling apprehensive about the future. If your view is blocked or obstructed while you are driving, then it symbolizes your lacking awareness of something in your life. You are overlooking certain aspects in your life. Alternatively, the dream indicates dangers or problems that are not yet made known to you. If you are driving on a curvy road, then it indicates that you are having difficulties in achieving your goals and accepting the changes associated with it. If you are driving in the snow, then it means that you need to be extra cautious about how your approach your goals. Metaphorically, driving a car in your dream is analogous to your sex life and sexual performance. Consider how you are driving and what kind of car you are driving and how it relates to your waking sex life. Or the dream may be a pun on your “drive” or ambition.

To dream that someone else is driving you represents your dependence on the driver. You are not in control of your life and following the goals of others instead of your own. If you are driving from the passenger side of a car, then it suggests that you are trying to gain control of the path that your life is taking. You are beginning to make your own decisions. If someone else is driving you from the passenger side, then it means that you are being misled into thinking that you are in power or that you are in full control.

To dream that you are driving a cab or bus suggests that menial tasks are providing little opportunities for advancement. Dreaming that you are driving an ambulance indicates that you are putting the needs of others before your own. Perhaps you are letting others dictate your direction or goals in life.

To dream that you are driving a car in reverse suggests that you are experiencing major setbacks in your goals. In particular, if you drive in reverse into a pool of water, then it means that you emotions are literally holding you back.

To dream that you are driving drunk indicates that your life is out of control. Some relationship or somebody is dominating you.

To dream that you drive off a mountain road suggests that the higher you climb in life, the harder it is to stay at the top. You feel that your advanced position is a precarious one. It takes hard work to remain at the top. You may also feel that you are not able to measure up to the expectations of others.

To dream that you are a backseat driver means that you have problems relinquishing control. You have power issues.

Dreaming that you are driving fast suggests that you need to slow down and think through your choices. You are so focused on your goals that you are leaving behind the people around you.

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